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The Summar & Sapphire Story

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, Summar was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer in her left breast. Shortly after, on Monday, September 10, 2012, after undergoing a PET (Positron emission tomography) scan, she learned that the cancer is "advanced" in nature (Stage IV), as it has metastasized to axillary (underarm) lymph nodes and to various bones in her body, including at this time: clavicle, vertebrates, hip, and rib.

A short week after receiving Summar's diagnosis, on September 17, 2012, Summar and her husband Pascal recieved more devastating news. Their 3 year-old daughter, Sapphire Lorayne, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (also known as ALL). After a visit to the Pediatrician and Children's Hospital, this was quickly confirmed by means of blood work and a lumbar puncture. Preliminary symptoms leading to this diagnosis being concerns of ongoing, excessive, random bruising and asymptomatic fevers.

Both Mother and Daughter have begun their journey for treatment.

The Ruelle Family web site will be a centralized location to coordinate activities towards supporting the family. Summar's and Sapphire's story will continue on the Caring Bridge web site, however we will post different ways to help and updates on this site.

The Ruelle family, in healthier days: Summar and 5-year old Jayden on left; 3-year old Sapphire and Pascal on right.

PLEASE keep the Ruelle Family in your thoughts and prayers. This is not only a journey, but a life defining moment which will be defeated.

Thank You Nashelle Designs

We were super excited that Nashelle Designs started a fundraiser in our honor. Nashelle Designs is a company located in Bend, Oregon that makes beautiful, hand-stamped jewelry and takes pride in helping the community and beyond, as part of their mission. Heather the founder, is the Cousin of my dear friend Joy and has a heart of gold. We are just so touched and grateful that Nashelle Designs has designed, handcrafted, and sold a "Strength" Identity Necklace in honor of Sapphire and I, and our current fight against cancer, with proceeds which benefited our family. It couldn't be more fitting! Both of us girls love jewelry, and each and every day requires great strength for us to get out of bed, and move upward and onward with our treatments and this journey.

Team Summar and Sapphire Bracelets!

We have brand-new, redesigned Team Summar and Sapphire Bracelets. These are cool bracelets, unisex, which can be worn and serve as a daily reminder of the battle these two young ladies are fighting. The cost for these bracelets is $5.00 and all proceeds go directly to the family. Bracelets come in adult, youth, and toddler sizes. Click either picture below to view larger.

Show your support for the team and pick up a few bracelets today! To place your order, email Pascal Ruelle