Donate Now!

How to help? The Ruelle family would be beyond grateful to receive anything to help out during these difficult times.

Sending money with PayPal is easy and can be done in a few, easy steps.

First, visit the PayPal website by clicking the link or copying it to your browser:

You will see a screen simlar to the one on the right and it will start the wizard process and walk you through how to donate. Please note, you will have to have a PayPal account in order to do this. If you don't already have one, signing up for an account is quick and easy.

Once you have input your email and the email the recipient email, input an amount and click the "Continue" button.

The next step will lead you through the process and ask you to login (if you haven't already).


In the "Send Money" screen, it will ask for the amount and you will see a purchase and personal tab. Choose the personal tab and use the option "Gift" for how the money is being sent as. If you are paying with an existing account or something other than a credit card, this will avoid fees being charged for either you or Summar.


When you are finished or are ready, click the "Continue" button to proceed.


The final step will be a confirmation of the transaction. The transaction hasn't been completed yet and you will need to review. This information will display any applicable fees and a summary screen prior to completing the transaction.


Finally, you will click the submit button to complete the transaction. Upon success, you should receive an e-mail from PayPal as a receipt.